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On this page you will find a list of the treatments on offer, have a browse through and see which one appeals to you the most.                                     

 To inquire about booking a treatment just click onto the contact page and fill in your details with a brief message. Catherine will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

All treatments include a 20 minute consultation followed by an hour treatment.

Treatments are individually priced in the list below.

Receive 10% discount off a course of 2 treatments booked and 15% off a course of 4 treatments.

Reiki Treatment


 A treatment where the practitioner uses their intent and channels Reiki energy with their hands, while intuitively working for the highest good for the individual. Reiki is experienced as a flow of energy, and clients report a sense of well-being, deep relaxation and calm. Reiki can help promote a sense of emotional well-being and is a supportive, non-intrusive, non-diagnostic therapy. COST £40                        


Reiki Drum Healing

A technique using soft drumming over the individual while channeling Reiki energy, scanning the body with healing sounds of the drum working intuitively to release blocks in the aura, followed by hands on healing to integrate the process into the physical COST £40



Reiki Drum Mental Emotional Reprogramming

A Reiki Drum healing session with the focus on an area of the individual's life that they would like to heal, address or change for the better.     Both client and practitioner work together by creating a positive affirmation, and using it during the treatment. the conscious and sub-conscious mind are combined and with the powerful vibrations of the drum, the client  is taken into a deep meditative state. COST £40


Reiki Drum Journey

A technique using soft drumming with Reiki energy, taking the individual into a deep meditative state, to allow them to tap into the subconscious and bringing insights and inner knowledge of the self to the conscious mind, for personal development. Beats of the drum per minute are held at 180-220 BPM  This consistent monotonous, repetitive beat will slow the brain wave down to Alpha Wave and Theta Wave, which creates that deep meditative state....a simple visualization technique guided by the drum, is used to aid the client in accessing insights. COST £40



Past Life Regression with Reiki

The client is guided by the practitioner through a meditation to clear the main energy centres of the body as preparation. The client is then taken through a visualization  technique to access the subconscious and the past life that is most appropriate for healing at the time of the treatment. This could even be childhood memories in this life. All the while Reiki is flooding the client during the session as a supportive energy. The client is asked questions to get as much information as possible about that particular past life, then the client is guided back from the past life and a Reiki treatment session commences, working intuitively for the highest good, helping to heal energetically anything that may be affecting the client in the present. It is very useful for healing energetic wounds from the past that we carry with us in the present, or life lessons needing to be learnt, allowing us to release, let go and move on from energy blocks we have been holding sub-consciously.  COST £50

Intuitive Healing

This is a very personalized treatment, tailored to the clients individual needs. The practitioner draws on an array of healing energies, using which ever is appropriate for the highest good. The approach is very shamanic and intuitive. This might included working with elemental energies, sound healing, Reiki, celestial energies, crystals, feathers, guides. oracle cards. COST £45

Shamanic Journeying.

This treatment is using an ancient shamanic healing technique that can be found in many indigenous tribes around the world. Today Shamanism is making a strong revival in the modern western world, and Journeying is a very traditional way of  working. The practitioner takes themselves into a deeply meditative state through drumming, rattling and movement. The client stays conscious while the practitioner Journeys into the subconscious to receive and retrieve important information and insights for the client. They are then taking through a guided meditation before receiving intuitive healing for the highest good.   COST £45

Reiki for Horses

Equine Reiki (Reiki for Horses)
Horses are magnificent creatures which are highly intelligent, sensitive and with a wonderful energy. Clients report that Reiki has helped their horses in many ways, from calming before competition or moving yards, to diving deep into emotional problems and aiding them to release and move on.  Horses respond to Reiki exceptionally well and can be a great benefit to all Equines out there. (For more details please click on separate link on left hand side of this page.) COST £40


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(For details on reiki treatment, shamanic journeying, equine reiki see relevant index buttons on the left.)

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