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Reiki Drum Master Practitioner Home Study Course


It is available to all Reiki Level 2 students (all lineages welcome) and is an ideal way of training in the Reiki Drum Healing & journeying Technique if it is difficult for you to attend the live course. Completing a home study version of this course means you can do it at a pace that suits you and fits in around your lifestyle and commitments. 

 The materials for the course are available as downloads that can be accessed on-line through the internet.

The format consists of the following:

  • Reiki Drum Master Practitioner Home Study Manual 

  • Course guidance notes

  • 7 x short films/video clips - demonstrating visually what the techniques involve  

  • 8 x audio tracks - talking you through the techniques for practical guidance

 The course is separated into 10 modules, and its up to you how quickly you complete the work. Guidance is given on how many weeks you should allow yourself to complete each module, and feedback sessions with Catherine by e-mail after each module are required as part of the course work.  

The cost is £280 which includes your very own 16" Remo Buffalo Drum, all course material, and your Practitioner certificate on completion.

If you already have your own drum you wish to use the price of the course is reduced to £240


Here are more details of what the course involves:

The Reiki Drum Technique is the fusion of Reiki and shamanic medicine drumming. Popular in the United States, (where it was formed by Michael Arthur Baird of the Infinite Light Healing Studies Centre, and is known as Reiki Drumming TM) it is still very new to the UK.
The technique is broken down into three main types of session: the basic Reiki Drum healing, where the drum is used intuitively over the client’s body to deliver a deep healing treatment, followed by a hands-on Reiki session to fully integrate the work and ground the client; the mental/emotional reprogramming technique, where the intuitive drum treatment is combined with the use of powerful positive affirmations to support growth; and the Reiki Drum journey technique, where the practitioner uses the drum to take the client into a deep meditative state to receive insight, spiritual guidance and healing.
This is more than a professional development course. Much of the practical work is rooted in shamanic practices, and on this course you will experience several journeys and work on your own self healing. Many students find that they release blockages over the course of the weekend, and find it a profound experience of personal, spiritual development and deep healing.

Here is the Course Contents:

 Here is a breakdown of what will be covered on the course:


  • Preparation of self and creating sacred space

  • Honouring the seven sacred directions meditation ceremony


  • Origins of Reiki Drumming TM

  • Differences between shamanic drumming and the Reiki Drum Technique

  • Scientific research in support of drumming for healing

  • Reiki Drum attunement


  • Journey – finding your voice

  • Group drumming session – celebrating finding your voice


  • Developing intuition and working with symbols


  • Journey – meet the healing spirit of the drum


  • Ethics, and what it is to be a healer

  • Reiki Drum healing technique

  • Practical drum healing sessions


  • Power animals & animal spirit medicine

  • Journey – meet your power animal


  • The power of the mind – the importance of positive thinking

  • Mental / emotional reprogramming technique

  • Practical reprogramming sessions


  • Reiki Drum journey technique

  • Reiki Drum journey timeline

  • Practical journey sessions


  • Group drumming

  • Cautions & contra-indications

  • Lineage

  • going forward with the Reiki Drum Technique

Course requirements

You will need to be at Reiki 2 level or above since we will be working with the Reiki symbols. No previous drumming or musical experience is required. The course will qualify you to work professionally as a Reiki Drum practitioner.

Course materials:

The course is accompanied by on-line downloads including:

course manual/workbook

course guidance notes

8 audio tracks

7 short film/video clips

16" Remo Buffalo drum.

The Certificate

The course is accompanied by an attractive certificate which will be posted out to you on completion of the course.

Course Fees

The fee for the Reiki Drum Technique Course is £280, to be paid in full in advance.

If you already have a drum you wish to use for the course, the fee is reduced to £240. 


Ongoing support, advice & development

Once you've completed your Reiki Drum Technique course your teacher Catherine will be on hand to deal with any questions or queries that you might have.

Reiki Drum Master Teacher - this will be available as a home study course in 2014

You will need to be qualified and insured as a Reiki Master Teacher having had at least one year's teaching experience including one Reiki level 1 class and one Reiki level 2 class. You will need six months experience of giving practical Reiki Drum treatments. You will be required to provide 6 Reiki Drum case studies (a course of four treatments for each case study) which would need to be filmed as evidence of your skills and competence, and e-mailed as downloads along with your feedback as part of your training. Your assessment will consist of written and oral presentation of your case studies, video demonstration of the 3 techniques (this can be done through the various mediums of phone/Skype, or loaded onto a memory stick or CD that can be sent by post) -  Reiki drum healing, mental/emotional re-programming and drum journey treatments. You will learn how to conduct the Reiki Drum Attunement. You receive your Reiki Drum Master Teacher certificate on successful completion of your assessment.



"By taking on the Reiki Drum Homestudy Master Practitioner course, my goals were to deepen my connection with Reiki (I had felt for some time something was missing with my Reiki practice) and I was drawn to drums for a long time. I wanted to work with my power animals, animal totem guide and work with the healing spirit of my drum. Having been drawn to native Indian and African native sounds and having past lives in native cultures it was like a homecoming.  The course helped me to find out what my power animals are and connect me to them. I have experienced a deeper connection to Reiki and my healing work.

I think the distant course was excellent as it allowed me plenty of time (in my time) and enough time to work through each stage in depth. It was excellent value with all the help and feedback I have received and the course materials I have (manual) my drum and had access to (audio and video clips).

The training material is some of the best I have had! I think the manual in use with the audio’s and video clips all went together lovely and were excellent. They clarified what the manual said and asked me to do. The research done into Reiki Drumming and how it helps people with various conditions was a great inclusion and the consultation process, all the professional/business side. My drum is lovely and excellent quality. I think all the support I had was excellent and useful, empowered me and the ongoing support there when the course is complete.

Catherine is an excellent professional Master Teacher and I have had a lovely experience through this course. Catherine’s teaching is excellent to high standards and she is very supportive and caring. Having met a few reiki masters over the years Catherine is the most genuine and experienced. It has been a pleasure to learn from a genuine Master. Thank you."

G. Johnson, Bedfordshire, Oct 2013



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